Outdoor Fine Art Bridal Portraits | Norfolk, Virginia

fine art bridal portraits

The story behind the bridal portraits

Nothing about 2020 has been or ever will be considered ordinary. Megan, like many other brides, planned her wedding for 2020 in Virginia. So, these are not your ordinary fine art bridal portraits. You see, Megan and Sean still don’t know when their wedding day will occur.

As a Navy nurse engaged to a Navy pilot, finding a time they both knew they would be home where there families could also join them was difficult enough. Now, add a pandemic, and things begin to fall apart. Megan and Sean originally planned their wedding for August in Virginia, but learned they would have to change their plans. They tentatively rescheduled and downsized their wedding to just immediate family in the fall. However, immediate family lived out of state and that, too, became an issue. Finally, the two decided to tie the knot together at a local courthouse and begin their marriage. No bells and whistles, no celebration but the two of them, and no wedding. However, they had the most important thing: the start of a marriage.

As time went on, Megan had a thought that still makes my heart hurt. She wondered if she would ever wear her wedding dress. Every bride knows the feeling when you try on THE dress. You can visualize yourself walking down the aisle to the love of your life in it. It’s surprisingly emotional. At least, to me it was. To purchase your dream dress, and then wonder if you will ever actually have a chance to wear it is the epitome of weddings in 2020.

While their wedding has not been rescheduled yet, it remains a plan for the two. In the meantime, Megan wanted to wear her wedding dress. So, we picked a day for bridal portraits in early January! It was super cold, but what a way to ring in the new year. She picked out a lovely bouquet that mirrors the colors she would have wanted in her bouquet on her wedding day. She had her makeup done. Then, she put on her wedding dress for the very first time.

The details in the portraits

The details Megan chose for this day were stunning. The Bella Belle shoes added the perfect detail to a very classic dress.

blush and white modern wedding bouquet
fine art bridal portraits
emerald cut and rose gold engagement ring

emerald cut engagement ring
bella belle shoes
fine art bridal portraits
blush and white wedding bouquet

Bridal Portrait Location 1: Downtown Norfolk, Virginia

veil shot 
outdoor wedding portraits
fine art bridal portraits
fine art bridal portraits
fine art bridal portraits with long veil
fine art bridal portraits

Bridal Portrait Location 2: East Beach | Norfolk, Virginia

For her second location, Megan chose to wear a reception dress that would be easy to dance in. So, what do you do when you’re wearing a dancing dress on the beach? Well, you run along and dance on the beach. Because you’ve finally worn your wedding dress!

fine art bridal portraits
fine art bridal portraits
fine art bridal portraits
fine art bridal portraits
fine art bridal portraits
fine art bridal portraits
beach fine art bridal portraits
beach fine art bridal portraits
beach fine art bridal portraits

Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes | https://www.bellabelleshoes.com

HMUA: SkinDeep by Xena | https://www.skindeepbyxena.com

Flowers: The New Leaf Ghent | https://www.newleafghent.com/

Photographer: Brigitte Renee Photography |https://www.brigitterenee.com

As seen on Virginia Bride Magazine


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January 27, 2021



  1. Lynn Spencer says:

    These are magnificent yet bittersweet photos, knowing that this bride was never going to have that wedding she envisioned and planned. I love that she got her moment as a bride here! And what a stunning bride!!

    • Brigitte Kleiber says:

      It was definitely a special day, but yes, very bittersweet. I’m sure she will one day wear that dress again, we just don’t know when yet. 🙂

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