Georgetown Engagement Session in Washington D.C.

The weather was perfect for this Sunday evening Georgetown Engagement Session with L + M in Washington, D.C. As a wedding photographer, my dream clients are the ones where I can just tell we are going to get along, and are both mutually excited about working together on their beautiful wedding day to create the dream they envision. Well, Lindsey and Michael did NOT disappoint. First, these two were so easy going in front of the camera it was unreal. Their chemistry was palpable. That said, this was easily the most exhilarating and exciting engagement session I have ever experienced!

The Engagement Session Experience in Georgetown

When it was time for these two to change for their second outfit for their engagement session, they couldn’t get into the parking garage that had their car. It was closed. Very closed. And not the kind where you can just walk in, but the kind that is caged shut. I walked around the perimeter to see if there was any other entrance (spoiler: there wasn’t). Meanwhile Mike literally found a long stick to try to poke through the gate to hit the pedestrian “door open” button. He was covered in grease from his efforts. I was concerned they weren’t going to get their car back until the following day.

I’m actually still not sure how they made it in since I was still looking for random stairs (M + L: help me out? how did you finally get in?!). But, after about 45 minutes and rapidly diminishing sunlight, they made it to their car! By the time we left and parked again, we had maybe 20 minutes of sunlight left. It was literally a race between us and the sun. I feel like it’s in those moments where I love this job the most, though. Is that weird?

How it ended

With our last 20 minutes of light, I wanted to take them to my favorite spot in Georgetown to pop their champagne. Their champagne glasses were a gift, and special crystal. And hey, if it’s important to them, then it’s important to me. These two were so up for making it to this spot, even though it meant a slightly long walk with minimal time. Their enthusiasm the entire time, despite the massive concern over their car which could have ruined the evening if any of us had let it, made this whole crazy experience together a blast. Maybe that sounds cheesy. But, I sincerely mean it. Not only were the pictures at this overlook some of my favorites from their entire session, but I felt like I was walking along with old friends on our way back. Experiences like this, and meeting such interesting people, are everything I hope for. Give me the imperfect moments, and let’s roll!

All of this is to say that this was a special evening I will not soon forget. L + M, I hope you enjoy this sneak peek.

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September 7, 2021



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