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Jesse and Jean-Luc first met when they were just kids. At 15 years old, they were stirring up trouble with their friends. Those same friends stood by their sides on this day as family. The sun was out, the sheep roamed the farm, and these two were finally getting married at this beautiful vineyard and farm!

Suddenly the music changed. The guests started moving their head to the beat. And then they looked up and saw the groom himself DJ-ing! That is just how Ingrid and Mark see life: opportunity after opportunity to have some fun! Last night I had the most fun meeting Ingrid and Mark and celebrating such an […]

He arrived early with his mother and brother. He was smiling ear to ear but you could still tell he was a little nervous. They stepped up to the altar, and looking down the beach you could see his beautiful bride make her way through the sand with her father. Victoria and Nate vowed to […]

The two men walked down the beach together. They smiled some, talked some, and stood side by side at the altar. There was the groom and his father beside him ready to marry his son to the love of his life. Aury walked down the aisle behind their families to sound of “All of Me” […]

The wedding industry is forever changed. COVID has brought on some pretty devastating conversations between engaged couples in 2020. There are really three options: 1) Reschedule your wedding, 2) Downsize your wedding, 3) Elope the two of you and have a larger celebration next year. Let’s go into these options in more details, shall we? […]

Sometimes you see a couple that reminds you of the fairytale you have in your own life, or maybe the one you are still seeking. And when I say fairytale, I am talking about those giddy moments smiling ear to ear and desperate need for one more kiss every minute kind of joy that is […]

He pulled the piece of paper out of his pants pocket. He unfolded it, and looked into her eyes. Then he spoke words straight from his heart about how truly lucky he felt to have found the love they share, and to have found it in the 7th grade. He wiped a tear from beneath […]

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