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So you have booked a portrait session or maybe an engagement session to get those frame worthy images of your significant other, or your family! Yay! Now comes the next question… what do you wear? What you wear for your photo session makes a HUGE difference with how your photos come out, so I’m sharing […]

The wedding industry is forever changed. COVID has brought on some pretty devastating conversations between engaged couples in 2020. There are really three options: 1) Reschedule your wedding, 2) Downsize your wedding, 3) Elope the two of you and have a larger celebration next year. Let’s go into these options in more details, shall we? […]

You are so excited to get your family photos taken with your husband and two year old. You haven’t gotten photos together since your son was born, so this is very important to you. You got the perfect dress, convinced your husband to shave and wear a collared shirt (if you’re lucky does this frequently […]

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