4 “Must Have” Bridal Details for Your Wedding Day


As far as wedding day tips, often people forget how beautiful bridal details on your wedding day can be if set aside! Here are four “must have” bridal details to include on your wedding day. I say “must have” in quotations because the only true must have wedding day details are simply the ones that are most important to you. These tips are just a start!

The Rings

That’s right, all three rings

Most people think to give all the rings to the best man when the day starts. If you want to enjoy those beautiful ring shots in your wedding day detail images, I recommend instead giving those to the maid of honor to start the day! That way, she can ensure they are set aside with your wedding day details. When your photographer arrives, he or she can take close up images of the rings with the other wedding details. That easy! Once they are finished, your photographer can hand off the rings to whoever you choose. You will not want to miss having the ring shots captured with your other wedding details. Below are some examples of rings shots that include combinations of all three rings as well as the just the bride’s wedding rings.

bridal details for your wedding day
wedding ring bridal details

Extra Florals

Just ask for a few extra blooms

This bridal detail for your wedding day is often forgotten, but it can truly elevate your wedding detail images. If you ask your florist to leave a few extra blooms for details (or for your wedding cake), most are happy to do so! Some may charge you a small fee for some extra blooms, but I still think it’s worth it. Not only does it elevate the elegance in your wedding details, but it also ties your details together with the rest of your wedding day! When the images of your wedding shoes are placed beside pictures of you with your wedding bouquet, they flow together seamlessly.

fine art bridal details on your wedding day

Wedding Shoes

One of my favorite bridal details

Have I mentioned how much I love capturing wedding shoes? Wedding shoes are another bridal detail staple. These images will certainly make it into your wedding day album. I think it would be so cool if I could see pictures of my grandmother’s wedding shoes and see how the styles have changed through the generations. So, how can you have the best wedding shoe bridal details? Try not the wear them too much prior to your wedding day. That’s it! Wearing them can leave marks in the toes or other scuffs that can’t be taken out without some significant retouching of the images. Other than that, just leave them next to your other wedding day details and your photographer will capture them!

bridal details

Invitation Suite

The invitation suite is another special wedding day detail that won’t live past the wedding day unless there are images of it. Maybe you are a sentimental person (I am too) and keep a copy in your attic. Great! But if your photographer doesn’t capture them, they won’t end up in your wedding album. And you probably won’t fish through your attic to find them.

If you spent any amount of time planning how your wedding invitations would look, they should be captured. The detail images with your invitation suite can bring together all the details of the day to help you remember the essence of how your wedding day FELT. They can be paired with the shoes, the earrings, and any other special heirlooms that you would like photographed. It comes together beautifully. I definitely don’t want you to miss this wedding detail, so bring your invitation suite!

fine art bridal details on your wedding day

I hope you find these bridal details for your wedding day helpful! It’s one of those things– if you splurged on those special wedding day shoes, get them photographed! If you spent hours planning what your invitations would look like, you want them to be captured.

Are you planning for your wedding day and look for a photographer? Inquire here! I would love to serve you.

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March 3, 2021



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