Building a High End Website for Your Brand

It took me nearly a year to find a company that could design a website and brand to appeal to my ideal client. When it comes to building a high end website for your business, I recommend a few tools. As for design and website hosting, Davey and Krista know what they are doing. Full disclosure, some of the links on this page are affiliate links. That means, I get a small commission if you purchase through this link. However I make it a point to only share tools and resources I truly love and use.

What I was looking for in my website for my business

Building a high end website for your business can feel overwhelming when you are getting started. It’s one of those things where “do it right or pay it twice” is reality. My first website, I went for the inexpensive or free option. But then as my business grew, I required a larger and more high end website, and ended up having to pay for it anyway. Now, I just did twice the work in getting it ready. If I have any recommendation for you, it’s to get it right the first time! Purchase the website template and website hosting that you will use throughout your business to save yourself work in the long run.

Things I knew I need for a high end website for my business:

  1. A website designed for SEO (we’ll talk about this)
  2. A clean, understated template for the luxury client
  3. A template that would encourage clients to inquire
  4. A clear brand vision

Let’s break these down, shall we?

build a high end website for your business

A high end website for your business with SEO in mind

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the thing that will make you pop up on Google’s first or second page. Without it, you may not come up on google at all and it may be difficult for clients to find you. A high end website for your business should be designed with SEO in mind. Davey and Krista do this exactly so that Google can sort through your website and see what you’re about! Check them out here. They not only sell templates that are designed with SEO in mind, but they have website hosting, too! It’s nearly a one stop shop for your website. The second tool I use is Showit, which makes editing your website as simple as dragging and dropping. These two tools will ensure you only have to build your website once!

A website template for the luxury client

Your website should reflect your brand. Your ideal client should feel they identify with you while searching through your website. More than that, navigating your website should make sense. An example of Davey and Krista’s simplistic website templates is below. You can see how understated and high end the designs appear.

The Homepage for your website

build a high end website for your business

The Details Page for your website

build a high end website for your business

The About Me Page for your website

build a high end website for your business

The Gallery for your website

build a high end website for your business

The Blog for your website

build a high end website for your business

Encouraging Clients to Inquire

A website template should be more than just pretty, but lead your future client through. Where they click should feel natural, and you should draw them not just to browse your site, but to inquire with you!

A Clear Brand Vision for your high end website

Lastly, your high end website for your business should clearly represent your brand. If you are unsure what your brand is, that is your first step! Davey and Krista also specialize in brand development. I recommend establishing your brand prior to choosing a website. If you don’t know your brand, you’ll find yourself purchasing a new website template every time there is a Black Friday Sale. Instead, know your brand, and purchase a website template that visually represents that so you don’t confuse your clients. If you think Davey and Krista are right for you, use my link here to transform your business!

For more helpful tips to grow your business, visit my blog here.

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January 4, 2021



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