Larz Anderson House wedding in Washington DC

Hey there, wedding enthusiasts! Step into a world where love and tradition intertwine as we embark on an enchanting journey through Ana and Blake’s wedding day at the captivating Larz Anderson House in Washington DC. This intimate celebration weaves a tale of romance and cherished moments, transporting you to a world of enchantment.

In the majestic St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral, sunlight streamed through stained glass windows. Ana, a vision in white, gracefully walked down the aisle, sealing their commitment to love and togetherness.

Continuing the festivities at Larz Anderson House, nestled in the heart of Washington DC, the historic venue exuded casual elegance. Loved ones embraced, laughter filled the air, and celebration echoed through the grand halls.

As the evening unfolded, emotions overflowed, painting the night with tears of joy and heartfelt connections. Ana and Blake’s first dance mesmerized the room, their graceful movements telling a story of eternal love.

Dreaming of a wedding that blends tradition with casual elegance? Larz Anderson House in Washington DC is your ideal choice. Its timeless charm and intimate setting create memories that stand the test of time.

Ana and Blake’s Larz Anderson House wedding in Washington DC was a mesmerizing tale of love and tradition. From the hallowed halls of St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Cathedral to the enchanting ambiance of Larz Anderson House, their journey showcased the power of blending timeless rituals with casual elegance. Let Larz Anderson House be the canvas for your own love story, creating cherished memories that endure.

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Venue: Larz Anderson House


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June 11, 2023



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