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This year of weddings has been simply incredible. It’s difficult to put into words. I would say this year feels like a dream realized. With over 20 weddings this year, it has been busy to say the least, but I have met so many wonderful couples and families and it has been my absolute honor to serve them. Let’s take a look down memory lane to see the beautiful 2022 weddings by a luxury DC wedding photographer!

Disclaimer: This post does not share the amazing weddings my associate, Abby, photographed this year, but we love those clients just as much!

Decatur House in Washington D.C.

This was my last wedding of the year! And it was extra fun because Naomi Biden got married the same day less than a quarter mile from us (you know, at the White House)! We were actually behind the area that was roped off because the venue was so close. Luckily it didn’t cause an issue for THIS wedding, which was spectacular.

luxury dc wedding photographer

Rosemont Manor

This Fall wedding was simply amazing. These two were laughs the whole day and we loved finding the last few trees will full colorful foliage!

luxury dc wedding photographer

Wentworth by the Sea

This was my first ever true destination wedding, but I wasn’t going to have anyone else photograph these two’s wedding day! They are good friends of mine so it was my honor to capture their memories.

Market at Grelen

The views from this wedding day were incredible, and so was the love between these two high school sweethearts!

luxury dc wedding photographer

Sequoia Washington D.C. | Kennedy Center

I had so much fun photographing this day. It’s legitimately difficult to put into words. My favorite was this bride’s nose crinkle when she smiles (not pictured here, sorry!).

luxury dc wedding photographer

Congressional Country Club Wedding

The most classic of tastes, and an absolutely smitten groom. These were taken second shooting for Madeleine Collins, and we had the best day!

luxury dc wedding photographer

The Waterford Foundation

These two tied the knot in a tiny little town at the local chapel. Timeless would be an understatement.

luxury dc wedding photographer

Stone Tower Winery Wedding

This micro wedding was only family and the wedding party! This family was kind enough to send me home with treats made all the way in Taiwan! Spoiler: they were delicious.

Goodstone Inn Wedding

These two got married on the most perfect summer day, complete with their two pups! Not pictured here (sorry!), but you can see those adorable pups on the blog!

luxury dc wedding photographer

Anderson House Wedding

This summer wedding was purely iconic. These two tied the knot in one of Washington DC’s most timeless and luxurious wedding venues: Anderson House. They had family fly in from all over the world!

luxury dc wedding photographer

Baltimore Wedding Party

This wedding was a very intimate celebration over a lovely dinner in downtown Baltimore. They watched the sun set while they toasted to forever!

Potomac Point Winery Wedding

This wedding day was the ideal winery wedding day! These two were so fun, and we managed to avoid the rain!

luxury dc wedding photographer

Oak Barn at Loyalty in Leesburg, Virginia

We didn’t quite escape the rain on this wedding day, but if rain means good luck, these two have luck for a lifetime! There’s something romantic to getting married in the rain, anyway.

Belmont Country Club

These two had a beautiful Catholic ceremony followed by celebrations at the stunning Belmont Country Club. A classic celebration of two people very much in love. Congrats, you two!

luxury dc wedding photographer

Historic Londontown and Gardens

An Irish wedding day! Which is just to say that this Irish groom had the most charming accent, and then you have little people with Irish accents, and it just brings a whole new level of fun and laughter to the day. These two are special!

Private Estate in Maryland

This wedding day on the Chesapeake was HOT! But the water cooled everyone off, and these two celebrated with their son by their side. Captured these gems second shooting with Molly McManus!

Oyster Farm

This bride’s favorite color ever is teal, and that was echoed in the invitations, throughout the wedding day, and later in their beautiful album! The Oyster House was the perfect venue for their intimate celebration. You guys are the best!

Inn at Willow Grove

This was another HOT day over the summer, but absolutely nothing was going to take away the joy and excitement these two had to get married! This was a beautiful micro wedding with family and close friends. Just a wonderful day!

Perry Belmont House Wedding

Gosh these two are just wonderful, and the Perry Belmont House is another absolutely iconic venue in the city. This groom’s reaction to his now wife walking down the aisle is one of my favorite ever. See it on the blog here!

luxury dc wedding photographer

Chantilly National Golf & Country Club

One of my first weddings of the year, these two got married on the most perfect Spring day! I have to say, I have a special friendship with these two. We had scheduled their engagement session the day I got into a very bad car accident. I was rushed to the hospital, and these two were so kind and understanding. I loved being a small part of their special day! These two have the biggest hearts.

Bowling Green Country Club

Loved sharing the joy between these two on such a beautiful Spring Day!

Meridian House Wedding

This was my first wedding to kick off the year, and these two did not disappoint! It was such a beautiful celebration, and a great party! See their engagement session in Old Town Alexandria here.


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