Great Falls Adventure

I’ve been telling myself that I want to capture more personal work, and I finally did! Ironically, it was on a day where Thomas told me to put photography aside. At least, the professional kind of photography. I’ve had back to back wedding weeks for over a month now. While I love weddings, and I love my clients, the grind is real in busy season. I was feeling exhausted, the weather was overcast, and a bad mood was coming on. Thomas could tell, too. Hah! So he told me we were getting out of the house, staying off our phones, and I was taking a professional day off.

We showed up at Great Falls, and it was beautiful. It had been so long since I had actually walked some of the trails. I brought my camera (blog will be updated with the film images as well), and just took in the nature and the company. Thomas surprised me with a little snack to fill our bellies: simple cheese and crackers. We found a nice rock to sit at, and just enjoyed. The photo of Thomas with the cracker is one of my favorites.

When we got home, we enjoyed a little nap, then ended the day with sushi in Old Town. I recall saying it was the perfect day. One I didn’t want to forget. So now you can see a little piece of it on our Great Falls adventure.


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October 16, 2021



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