Red Rocks Colorado Wedding Day

This Red Rocks, Colorado wedding day was one for the books! In truth, it was my sister’s wedding day. As a wedding photographer in Virginia, this was the best gift I could have given her. There was a lot of champagne and a lot of tears. The views of Red Rocks were breathtaking, and the company was even better. I was able to stand next to my sister on this day as she and the love of her life vowed forever together.

A little twist: my husband and I were the best man and matron of honor! And you see, before this bride and groom here ever really knew each other, the groom was the best man and bride was the maid of honor at our own wedding. How the roles changed on this day! We had been trying to bring these two together for quite some time, and as soon as they (finally) had their first date, we knew there was going to be a wedding.

Mack and Caroline had their first date together at Red Rocks, Colorado, just a couple years back. Perhaps the only reason it went so well was because my sister didn’t realize it was a date. Both of their friends who were supposed to meet up with them no-showed. So these two hiked Red Rocks together, and the rest was history. Yesterday we stood in the same place to celebrate their commitment to one another as husband and wife! Congratulations to you both from the bottom of my heart. Your Colorado wedding day was beautiful, and so are you both. I love you!

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September 14, 2021



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