Mommy and Me Photos for Mothers Day

mommy and me photos

These Mommy and Me photos were the perfect way to capture Mother’s Day coming up later this month! Colleen was absolutely beautiful in her white dress (from Express, ladies!). I have known DJ since he was just a little bump in Mommy. It’s been so crazy to see him grow into the little toddler he is, walking and everything! He is cute like his Mommy for sure. For anyone looking for a great Mother’s Day Photo gift, here is your good idea! Gift her a photo session like this.

That said, we nearly cancelled this portrait session because I could see the dark clouds building even as I left my house. It was completely overcast outside. It was difficult to even see where the sun was for the best light for these images. Not even kidding, five minutes after we left this session it started downpouring. I definitely call that good luck!

I love sessions like these with mothers in particular. I’m not a Mom yet, but one day I would like to be one. Babies grow up so quickly, and it is not lost on me how images like these Mommy and Me photos capture them for this small moment in time. We forget what they looked like, how small they were, and photos help us remember. Colleen, it was my honor to capture these photos for you yet again! I can’t wait to see how big DJ becomes this time next year. I’m sure it will shock me, just as every time before.

mommy and me photos
mommy and me photos
mommy and me photos
mommy and me photos
mommy and me photos
mommy and me photos
Mommy and me photos
mommy and me photos

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May 5, 2021



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