Visiting the Gulf Coast Part 2 | Bay Saint Louis | Waveland, Mississippi

A piece of home

With Part 1 of visiting the Gulf Coast primarily about the city, Part 2 is about the family. Every time we visit the gulf coast, we see at least 15 relatives because they all live within a mile of each other. I don’t think you can put a price on living close to other family. We joke that Waveland is just a family compound. In recent years, they have all renovated their homes to enjoy during retirement. I saw my grandma’s new home for the first time this visit, and I could tell it’s a special place. There is no place like grandma’s. Follow along with me below for some special pictures.

This is Nana! Isn’t she just the cutest? I love how her coffee cup matches her robe. It wasn’t intentional, but I think it’s sweet and very her.

Outdoor activities and her home

The exterior of her new house! I only brought one lens with me, and this is about as wide angle as I could capture.
Just making sure they aren’t going to set the house on fire.
We call this tree “Brennan’s Tree.” He is no longer with us, but his ashes we spread beneath this tree. It’s such a beautiful oak tree, and it borders my grandma’s yard, my Uncle Richard’s year, and my Uncle David’s yard. Yes, my grandma and her two brothers are next door neighbors. And her sister lives across the street. Anyway, Brennan’s ashes were spread at home where he is very loved.

It’s the people that make a house a home

My grandma’s living room. She has had that couch since as long as I can remember but it’s still comfortable. We enjoyed playing rumicube and cards at the table there.
The beginning of Mardi Gras season must be celebrated with a King Cake!
Uncle David, Nana, and my mom visiting in Nana’s new kitchen.
I love this picture because Nana is the only one in focus. Maybe it seems like a mistake, but she was very much the primary reason for my visit. I’ve seen her so often growing up, but recently it had been nearly three years due to deployments, other job commitments, and COVID. It was wonderful to see her again.
Nana and Aunt Joan. I hope she doesn’t hate this picture.
I found this gem of Nana and my mom as a child with her siblings.
Finally, Nana and me. Sometimes I look at pictures at think, “why didn’t I let my hair down, why didn’t I suck in, why am I wearing leggings, etc,” but truthfully I’m just happy to have a recent picture with my grandma.

Thanks for joining me

I hope after looking through these and learning a little more about you, you think about your roots and the places you call home. Then, I hope it gives you that warm, happy feeling inside. 🙂 Tell me what home looks like for you in the comments!

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January 14, 2021



  1. Krissy Ladner says:

    This is a beautiful story of a visit back to your Nana’s hometown. I’m sorry I missed you during your visit down to the South! I love your eye for a picture worth a million words! Lovely story and lots of hugs from your cousin Krissy. ❤️😊

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