Mendoza, Argentina Solo Trip | 2024

UCO Valley Day Trek

My first hike of the trip to Mendoza Argentina was the UCO Valley Day Trek with Andes Vertical. It was just my guide and me, and it was spectacular. I am not an experienced hiker, but I do spend a lot of time exercising. This hike does go above 10,000ft so I would recommend get acclimatized prior to the hike. I did not do that. I did this hike on my first full day in Argentina. Coming from sea level, it made the hike harder than it should have been, and it left me with a headache. But, my was it beautiful. That, and the stream is glacier water! It is too high for animals to live here, so you can drink right from it. It was the best water I have ever tasted.

Confluencia Day Hike

I would say this hike was a bit higher and a bit longer than the previous day’s hike, and just as beautiful but in a different way. This hike went up to about 11,500 ft to the Confluencia Base Camp. There are options for 3-day and 7-day treks, or even hiking up to the top of Anconcagua, the highest peak in South America (pictured below). I can’t recommend either of these hikes enough if you are looking for day hikes. I thought they were magical.

Driving into the Mountains and Cacheuta Springs

I stayed at Denmoza Eco Lodge for a couple of nights for some peace and quiet. That is exactly what I got. From there I went to Cacheuta Springs. I recommend spending at least an afternoon there. The way to do it is 1) Go to Termas de Cahceuta, not the public springs (they are different, and the spa is much better and less crowded), 2) If you can drive there yourself, you will save money, and 3) spend just the afternoon. When I went I enjoyed the hot springs, feasted over their incredible lunch, and booked a nice massage.

Horseback riding in Mendoza while the sun set over the mountains was a special experience. The evening ended with live music by the pool, and family style dinner of meat and potatoes. Then, ofcourse, there was unlimited Malbec for the table. I met people from around the world and learned their stories.

Oeste Bed and Breakfast

The last place I stayed was this little bed and breakfast, and I really can’t speak highly enough of it. I got to know the owner, and she has created something special.

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March 18, 2024



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