Exploring the Alsace Region

This trip to the Alsace region of France and Germany marks 1) my first ever completely solo trip (I’ve travelled alone a bunch but usually for work or meeting a group of some kind) and 2) my first time shooting all images solely with medium format film. I didn’t bring a digital camera. SCARY. As a wedding photographer, I love capturing people. On trips, I love capturing strangers. What I find the most challenging, though, is capturing architecture and place artistically. Buildings don’t move. Skylines don’t move. It’s hard to show something different. So whenever I travel, I try to capture different images that highlight colors, beautiful sights, people living their lives, and just things I like. But ultimately, I enjoy capturing love. Whether it’s romantic love or strangers or families, I think that is where the wedding photographer on me comes out.

So, enjoy my chronicles of my adventures through France and Germany solo.


While this trip was primarily in the Alsace region, I did make a quick stop in Luxembourg to see the sights!

The Alsace

My first stop was to Strasbourg, France. I stopped through all the markets, tasted the classic tarte flambe, and explored. The next day I through along the mountains seeing different castles and stopped at two different wineries. The resiling was the finest I’ve ever had. Next stop was Colmar, France for two nights where I stayed in a cottage on the canal in a room that looked like it was made for a princess. It was at the top of three different flights of stairs with a canopy bed and I spent a lot of time reading in it. And lastly, after spending a whole day driving through Germany, I spent three nights in Rothenburg. This place made me feel happy for no explicable reason, and I later found out it’s where my parents fell in love.


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January 18, 2024



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