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trip to Capri, Italy
On our first day we took the ferry to Capri! It’s a super short ferry from Sorrento, and this a must-do day trip!

Oh my goodness this was the trip of a lifetime. Truly. I also can’t describe how liberating it felt to go on a trip to a completely new place with a friend. Whether you are married or single, I highly recommend reserving some trips as friends only! This was a great way to refuel and replenish my soul…. is that too dramatic?

Our trip to Italy did not start out smoothly. Our first of three legs was very delayed, so had we stayed with it, we would have been stuck in Newark, which is the wrong side of the Atlantic we wanted to be stuck on. So, we opted to delay at home, and take a different flight that got us to the correct side of the Atlantic overnight. The downside was that we had a whopping 12 hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany. Don’t fret, though– we rode business class, which meant we had access to the business class lounge and free wine all day to start our vacation! Even if it was just in the airport.

Overall big takeaways from this trip if you are planning your own:

  • Positano was my favorite, and you should stay at Villa san Giacomo.
  • Spending a day in Capri by ferry is a must.
  • Be sure to stay in Downtown Sorrento. We stayed at Grand hotel de la Ville, and the location was central and lovely.
  • Treat yourself to limoncello, lemon sorbet, lemon pasta, and fresh lemonade.

Also, as we go, if you would like to purchase any of my film prints, please visit my print shop! It’s only $25 for an 8×10″ and I think that’s fabulous. I furnish my own home with these and would love to share the art.

Sorrento, Italy

We finally arrived to our first stop of the trip, Sorrento. Granted, it was 12 hours later than intended, but we made it! We stayed at the Grand Hotel de la Ville in Sorrento. I thought it was a very nice four star hotel that didn’t break the bank. They had delicious breakfast every morning served complimentary that was actually quite fancy. Pictures below of our time in Sorrento!

I didn’t know before arriving in Sorrento that the Amalfi Coast is known for it’s limoncello and lemons, but let me tell you, we appreciated it when we got there! We had limoncello, lemon pasta, and even found a beautiful lemon grove for happy hour!

The views from the rooftop of our hotel, and a hallway to our hotel room below.

And some fun iphone pictures.

Capri, Italy

Now let’s talk about our day in Capri. Capri is easily one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. You can travel there by ferry from Naples, Positano, and Sorrento. It is the fastest to travel from Sorrento, though. We took the very, about 30 minutes, and then were awestruck by the beauty of the coastline. It never occurred to us to take the cable car to city center, but let me tell you, if a place has a cable car…. it is for a reason. That completely uphill path of stairs that felt a mile long kicked our asses. But, we made it! There were stunning views, adorable shops, and delicious cafes that lines the paths. I even had handmade sandals made just for my very wide feet!

When you go to Capri, I recommend going to city center and seeing the gardens. From there, just explore!

Positano, Italy

I have to say, Positano was my favorite place of all three. A big part of that was because we stayed at Villa san Giacomo, with arguably the most breathtaking view of Positano there is. My friend, Andrea, and I were there for a workshop for destination wedding photographers. The trip was so much more than the workshop, though. It was an adventure where we met some incredible new people with similar goals. I think that was my favorite part. Enjoy these pictures of Positano, including both film and iphone photos (which I think are pretty easy to tell apart). If you would like to view images from the workshop, you can see the intimate elopement with a sweet Italian couple here, and a beautiful daffodil inspired wedding ceremony here.

That’s all for now! I adored shopping for a linen dress and tasting lemon sorbet, and drinking my way through Italy. Follow along for more adventures!


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May 9, 2022



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